Zoho desk: Pros, cons and pricing

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June 12, 2024

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer service software developed by Zoho Corporation. It's designed to help businesses manage their customer support activities efficiently.

Zoho Desk has several Key features

1. Ticketing System: Zoho Desk organizes customer interactions from various channels (like email, social media, chat, and phone) into tickets. This system helps businesses track and manage customer issues more effectively.


2. Multi-Channel Support: It allows companies to offer support through multiple channels, ensuring customers can reach out via their preferred method.


3. Automation: Zoho Desk automates routine tasks such as ticket assignments and response time tracking, which helps in streamlining the support process.


4. Self-Service Options: The platform includes a knowledge base for customers to find answers to their questions without needing direct support, reducing the load on support teams.


5. Reporting and Analytics: It provides detailed reports and analytics, helping businesses understand customer issues, track support team performance, and identify areas for improvement.


6. Customization: The software can be customized to suit specific business needs, including custom workflows, fields, and support processes.


7. Integration: Zoho Desk integrates with other Zoho products and third-party applications, facilitating a cohesive workflow across different business functions.


8. AI Capabilities: Some versions of Zoho Desk include AI-powered features for better ticket management and customer interaction analysis.


Zoho Desk is used by a variety of businesses, ranging from small companies to large enterprises, for its flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive set of features designed to enhance customer service operations.

But no software is completely perfect; every software hasits strengths and flaws, let's take a look at both:

Pros and cons of Zoho Desk



User-friendly experience

Quality support information

Good link with existing Zoho products

Value for money

Dashboard interface

Tags and categories

seamless communication and collaboration




Customization can become overwhelming

footer has smaller icons

lags and jitters sometimes

limited customization with live chats

API integrations can be better


Each software comes with a cost and that can be a deciding factor for small and medium level businesses. Let’s take a look at the thepricing structure of Zoho Desk:


The pricing features are as follows:

Free - up to 3 users, forever!
Standard - $14/user/month billed annually
Professional - $23/user/month billed annually
Enterprise - $40/user/month billed annually

users can also leverage A 15-day freetrial to understand the product before making the decision.

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