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Business-focused Bookkeeping and Automating key business processes to drive success and growth

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Our Services

Designed to grow your business

We implement and customize systems to streamline business processes and operations

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We provide monthly bookkeeping and simplify your finances by automating tasks such as customer invoicing, vendor bill recording, tax management, inventory tracking and many more. Get clear, real-time financial insights and alerts to make smart and easy business decisions.

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CRM & Process Automation

We manage customers and leads within Zoho CRM by gathering leads from multiple sources, managing email and SMS campaigns, collect and organize customer files and data, unifying interactions across all platforms and automating business tasks.

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Business Intelligence Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting

We built reports and dashboards to track KPIs, monitor performance, and uncover actionable insights. Our automated reporting tools within Zoho ensure you have the information you need when you need it, helping to guide strategic decisions and foster growth.​​

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Zoho Partner

Leading Zoho Partner

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Zoho, a global leader in cloud-based business solutions. Partnering with Zoho allows us to help you take your business to the next level.

What makes Zoho One a Smart Business Choice?

Over 50 Integrated Apps for Just USD 37 Monthly

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Unified platform for all business functions
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Easy-to-use and scalable for growing businesses
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Automatic syncing between all applications
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Reduces complexity and increases collaboration
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Provides a cohesive environment for all business functions
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Zoho Smart Business

Why Choose Business-Focused Bookkeeping over Regular Bookkeeping?

Compare and contrast the benefits of business-focused bookkeeping with regular bookkeeping.

Regular Bookkeeping

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Basic data entry
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Manual categorization
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Limited reporting
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Manual compliance checks
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Unified platform for all business functions

Business-Focused Bookkeeping

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Real-time data recording
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Automated OCR scanning
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Rule-based categorization
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Trigger-based transaction creation
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Integration with business systems
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Advanced data analytics
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Automated compliance and audit readiness
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Real-time expense management
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Custom reporting
Benefits of Process Automation
Benefits overview

What are the Benefits of Process Automation?

Discover how creating workflows and automating processes helps businesses

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Save time
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Increase accuracy
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Maximize efficiency
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Simplify decision making
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Our Process

How to get started?

Our Simplified 3-Step Service Process

Consultation and Customization

Begin with a discovery call to help us understand your business, biggest pain points and time consuming processes.


Next, we customize Zoho applications and integrate Zoho applications with your existing industry-specific systems to align perfectly with your operational goals and processes.

Track Progress

After implementation, we continuously monitor the performance against the set milestones and tasks through Zoho Projects

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Advanced Analytics and AI-Driven Business Intelligence

Discover Our Tailored Dashboard Solutions

We help you get actionable insights with dashboards for every business function

Detailed Breakdown of Costs Across Regions and Categories

Analyze costs incurred across various regions and product categories with visual insights to manage expenditures efficiently.

Cost analysis dashboard

Comprehensive View of Customer Metrics and Trends

Track active customers, new customer growth, churn rates, and customer lifetime value to enhance customer retention strategies.

customer Overview dashboard

Insights into Employee Demographics and Performance

Monitor key HR metrics such as employee count, tenure, age distribution, and department-wise performance to optimize HR processes.

employee dashboard

Monitor Inventory Shipments and Returns

Gain insights into inventory shipments, sales returns, and carrier performance to streamline logistics and reduce returns.

inventory and sales returns dashboard

Track Inventory Levels and Fast-Selling Items

Manage stock levels, track top-selling items, and monitor inventory movements to optimize inventory management.

inventory items overview dashboard

Analyze Cost of Acquiring Leads Across Different Channels

Evaluate lead acquisition costs by channel, compare against deal acquisition costs, and optimize marketing spend.

lead acquisition cost dashboard

Measure Marketing Performance and ROI

Track key marketing metrics including lead acquisition cost, ROI, and deal acquisition cost to improve marketing strategies.

Marketing KPI

Revenue, Expense, and Profit Trends

Visualize profitability trends, expense management, and revenue generation to make informed financial decisions.

profitability Overview dashboard

Detailed Analysis of Sales Performance

Track product-wise and category-wise sales performance, analyze trends, and optimize sales strategies for better outcomes.

Sales overview dashboard

Track Sales Pipeline and Conversion Rates

Monitor the sales pipeline stages, forecast sales trends, and improve conversion rates for enhanced sales performance.

Sales Pipeline dashboard

Track Support Tickets and Customer Satisfaction

Monitor ticket volume, resolution times, and satisfaction rates to ensure efficient customer support and high satisfaction levels.

Support Tickets Overview dashboard

Comprehensive Overview of Marketing Campaigns and Performance

Analyze web traffic, campaign performance, and event attendance to optimize marketing efforts and drive engagement.

website traffic overview dashboard

Comprehensive Overview of Marketing Campaigns and Performance

Analyze web traffic, campaign performance, and event attendance to optimize marketing efforts and drive engagement.

asset lifecycle
build your own custom dashboard
Why Us?

How do we help businesses?

Discover how our Zoho-powered solutions automate and streamline operations

Certified Accountants & Zoho Partner

Certified Accountants & Zoho Partner

We are Zoho partners and have a team of certified accountants that has a deep understanding of the latest accounting standards and best practices to manage your bookkeeping and accounting.

Customize Zoho as per Business Requirements

Customize Zoho as per Business Requirements

We customize zoho applications to fit the unique needs of your business, ensuring that you have the tools tailored to your processes.

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Integrate Zoho with Industry Applications

We create workflows to ensure Zoho's applications work seamlessly together along with other third party applications, enabling smooth data flow and automation across different business functions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development

We will create detailed SOPs based on the workflows and the   processes automated. This standardizes your business operations and provides guidance necessary to utilize these tools effectively.

Data Security

Data Security

We utilize Zoho Vault for secure password sharing, Zoho WorkDrive for managed access control and Zoho Mail for encrypted communication to ensure that your sensitive information is always protected.

Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking

We establish annual or bi-annual goals, breaking them down into achievable monthly milestones and tasks, all tracked via Zoho Projects to ensure every request is met with precision.

Personalized Service Plans

Personalized Service Plans

We work with flexible monthly contracts that are tailored based on the required customization hours, offering the freedom to adjust or cancel at any time, without obligations

Priority Support

Priority Support

We dedicate an account manager as an one point contact to implement a new workflow process, automate existing processes, swiftly address any queries and streamlined communication.


A little more about us…

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Customer Feedback

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge base of the latest trends, news and learnings

What services does Automate Accounts offer?

We specialize in comprehensive Zoho application customization, bookkeeping, CRM & process automation and business intelligence reporting, designed to streamline and optimize your business operations for maximum efficiency and growth.

What industries does Automate Accounts primarily serve?​​

We have extensive experience working with a diverse range of service-based industries, including finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, technology, and professional services. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of each sector, ensuring relevant and effective automation and process optimization.

Are long-term contracts required to work with Automate Accounts?​​

We believe in flexibility and providing value to our clients without the need for long-term contractual obligations. Our services are offered through flexible monthly contracts that can be adjusted or canceled based on your business needs, allowing you to remain agile and responsive to your operational requirement

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Knowledge base of the latest trends, news and learnings

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