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Migrate to Zoho Books in 7 days
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Why choose Automate Accounts for your migration needs?

How we help businesses migrate to Zoho Books

Custom Migration Plan
Custom Migration Plan

We craft a bespoke migration strategy for each client, ensuring that the transition to Zoho Books is tailored to align with your business operations, workflow preferences, and financial structures.

Zero Downtime
Zero Downtime

We ensure a live migration process, allowing your business to continue accounting, invoicing, making bill payments, and other financial operations without pause, maintaining uninterrupted service as we transition your data to Zoho Books.

Expedited Migration
Expedited Migration

Our expedited migration ensures your business transitions to Zoho Books as quickly as 7 days, enabling you to enjoy the full benefits of your new accounting system in no time.

Data Transfer Assurance​​
Data Transfer Assurance​​

We guarantee a secure and thorough transfer of your financial data, employing rigorous protocols to maintain data integrity and confidentiality throughout the migration process.

Legacy Data Migration ​
Legacy Data Migration ​

We offer comprehensive migration services capable of securely migrating up to 20 years of your financial data, ensuring no historical data is left behind​

Reconciliation Checks​
Reconciliation Checks​

We carefully check all your accounts to make sure every number matches up, catching any mix-ups to keep your finances accurate and trustworthy.

Business Application Integration
Business Application Integration

We specialize in creating a cohesive ecosystem by seamlessly integrating Zoho Books with your existing CRM, e-commerce, payment systems, and other business applications enhancing efficiency across all platforms.

Post Migration Training and Support
Post Migration Training and Support

Beyond the migration, we empower your team with comprehensive training and continuous support upto 6 months, ensuring you are proficient in utilizing Zoho Books to its full potential.

Tailored Integrations
Tailored Integrations

We specialize in integrating various applications into Zoho Books, providing a unified and streamlined accounting solution tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose Business-Focused Bookkeeping over Regular Bookkeeping?

Compare and contrast the benefits of business-focused bookkeeping with regular bookkeeping.

Regular Bookkeeping

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Basic data entry
close icon
Manual categorization
close icon
Limited reporting
close icon
Manual compliance checks
close icon
Unified platform for all business functions

Business-Focused Bookkeeping

Check mark icon
Real-time data recording
Check mark icon
Automated OCR scanning
Check mark icon
Rule-based categorization
Check mark icon
Trigger-based transaction creation
Check mark icon
Integration with business systems
Check mark icon
Advanced data analytics
Check mark icon
Automated compliance and audit readiness
Check mark icon
Real-time expense management
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Custom reporting

How else Can we help you?

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How to get started?

Our Simplified 3-Step Migration Service Process

Initial Consultation & Migration Plan​​

We start with a detailed assessment of your current accounting system setup to understand your specific needs and requirements.​Next, our team crafts a personalized migration plan, outlining the process, timeline, and key milestones for a smooth transition.

Data Preparation, Clean-up & Back-up

We make financial data in your existing accounting system ready for migration, ensuring it is clean and organized for optimal integration into Zoho Books. We back-up your financial data of previous accounting system securely.

Migration and System Integration​​

Upon successful completion of test migration, our experts meticulously migrate your entire financial data to Zoho Books, integrating it with your existing business tools for seamless functionality.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the migration process to Zoho Books typically take?

The duration of the migration process varies depending on the complexity and volume of your data. On an average, it takes about 1-4 weeks to complete a standard migration of 1 year and year to date.

What is the cost of migrating to Zoho Books?

The cost depends on various factors such as the size of your business, the amount of data, and specific customization needs. We provide a detailed free quote based on the initial assessment to ensure transparency and affordability. ​​

Will there be any disruption to my business during the migration?

We strive to eliminate disruption by ensuring completion of the migration before you start using Zoho Books. Our team works efficiently to ensure that all the customers, vendors, chart of accounts, payments, etc are recorded before you start using Zoho Books.

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